What we do

What we do .

We invest in UK unquoted businesses looking to secure a management buy-out (MBO), grow organically or acquire another business.

How we create value 

We have a proven methodology for building value in the companies we back, which we have developed as a team over many years of working together.

Backing incumbent management teams 

We invest in businesses with strong incumbent management teams that operate in interesting markets with compelling market propositions. We recognise and value the vast wealth of knowledge sitting within our portfolio companies and it is this which we look to capitalise, nurture and develop.

Alignment of interests

Relationships with management teams are important to us. We take a seat on the company’s board as a fellow director, allowing us to actively engage with management on the progress of their business. We strongly believe in a true partnership approach between all stakeholders and ensure there is strong alignment of interest from day one. We encourage equity to be distributed appropriately amongst the people making a difference in the business day‐to‐day.

External expertise

We will introduce a relevant and expert non‐executive chairman from our network – who will invest alongside us and is committed and focused on building value in the business. Our chairmen bring a fresh perspective to the board.

Exit strategy

We have many years of experience of judging the optimal time to exit. It is a balance between market conditions and business performance. We help management to run a professional exit process and have a track record of achieving strategic valuations.